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secure connect gateway Health Check Report is to noisy

I'm on SCG 5.10.  Is there a way to improve the scheduling of the emailed health report?  I get it daily, and it's usually green.  Once it's was mostly green except for a service near the bottom of the report.


1:  I don't need to see the report every day if it's 100% green.  It's just an extra email i need to delete.  I'm already in the habit of deleting it, which reduces it's functionality.

2: If a service is down, then there should be something at the top of the email that indicates a problem exists.  I shouldn't have to scroll or ready beyond the first section of the notificaiton to figure out a problem exists.  As stated above, I'm already in the habit of deleting the email.

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What he said. Please just allow us to only receive what matters, if everything's OK, one more email to read is only a daily annoyance.

For any issue, just email me of course.


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