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Dell XPS 13 9315 screen flickering when using GPU

I noticed a problem of screen flickering on Dell XPS 13 9315 when installing the last gpu driver.

The driver is the following: Intel-UHD-Iris-Xe-Graphics-Driver_NHN93_WIN64_31.0.101.3301_A03.EXE

The problem arises when using GPU application (i tryied with VALORANT and The Sims 4, but i believe it could happen with any other GPU intensive app)

Everything was up to date, BIOS, and all other drivers.

I solved the problem and I'm posting here the resolution for other users who may encounter the same problem.

First install this dell app from Dell XPS 13 9315 support page:


Then open the app, and click on the 4th icon on the left sidebar:



Go to Power (something like this), and set it like on the following screenshot.




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