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Drac 6 CN config

Hi, I have a problem with a very old version of iDrac 6, i need to update the ssl certificate because don't let me access by gui, but when i try to update the certificate by cli i cannot. the weird thing is that when i type racadm help only showed me the following

/admin1-> racadm help

help [subcommand] -- display usage summary for a subcommand
arp -- display the networking ARP table
clearasrscreen -- clear the last ASR (crash) screen
clrraclog -- clear the RAC log
clrsel -- clear the System Event Log (SEL)
config -- modify RAC configuration properties
coredump -- display the last RAC coredump
coredumpdelete -- delete the last RAC coredump
fwupdate -- update the RAC firmware
getconfig -- display RAC configuration properties
getniccfg -- display current network settings
getraclog -- display the RAC log
getractime -- display the current RAC time
getsel -- display records from the System Event Log (SEL)
getssninfo -- display session information
getsvctag -- display service tag information
getsysinfo -- display general RAC and system information
gettracelog -- display the RAC diagnostic trace log
ifconfig -- display network interface information
netstat -- display routing table and network statistics
ping -- send ICMP echo packets on the network
racdump -- display RAC diagnostic information
racreset -- perform a RAC reset operation
racresetcfg -- restore the RAC configuration to factory defaults
serveraction -- perform system power management operations
setniccfg -- modify network configuration properties
sshpkauth -- perform SSH PK Auth. configuration for a user on the RAC
sslcertview -- view SSL certificate information
sslcsrgen -- generate a certificate CSR from the RAC
testemail -- test RAC e-mail notifications
testtrap -- test RAC SNMP trap notifications
usercertview -- view user certificate information
version -- display the version info of RACADM
vmdisconnect -- disconnect virtual media connections
vmkey -- perform virtual media key operations

another thing is that when i try to generate the ssl certificate print me a error about common name, but i don't know how to configure that

/admin1-> racadm sslcsrgen
ERROR: The Common Name (CN) field of the CSR Security group must
be configured before a CSR can be generated.

attach the certifica status

/admin1-> racadm sslcertview -t 1
Serial Number : 01

Subject Information:
Country Code (CC) : **
State (S) : ****
Locality (L) : *****
Organization (O) : Dell Inc.
Organizational Unit (OU) : Remote Access Group
Common Name (CN) : iDRAC6 default certificate

Issuer Information:
Country Code (CC) : **
State (S) : ****
Locality (L) : *****
Organization (O) : Dell Inc.
Organizational Unit (OU) : Remote Access Group
Common Name (CN) : iDRAC6 default certificate

Valid From : Sep 17 22:47:28 2009 GMT
Valid To : Sep 15 22:47:28 2019 GMT



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You need to set Common name and other fields before creating CSR from iDRAC. You can run the command "racadm getconfig -g cfgRacSecurity" to get details on these attributes. To set Common name you need to run below command

racadm config -g cfgRacSecurity -o cfgRacSecCsrCommonName <Common Name>

You can refer "cfgRacSecurity" section on page 285 of below link for more details 

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