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Email notifications from Dell OpenManage?

Anyone have an .exe program that can be triggered (using the "Execute application" under the "Alert Actions") to send out an SMTP email if there is an alert in OpenManage?


Sure would be nice if a simple SMTP email ability was built into OpenManage...


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for posting!  If you want email notifications for hardware problems, the best thing to do is set up IT Assistant to monitor the server.  You will need OMSA installed on the server, then you can set up ITA on another system, which has to have a 32-bit Windows OS.  You can find detailed instructions on the Enterprise Tutorials page () starting with the one about installing IT Assistant, and continuing through setting up SNMP, discovery, and email alerts.

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Hi JeffLM,


Thanks for this, however I forgot to mention that I am running Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition, which isn't supported by IT Assist. I've heard that I could install IT Assistant on another system, but then that means that computer must always be on, which I don't want to do.


So, if you have any other ideas, please let me know!



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Hi All,


FYI, I ended up creating a little program that sends out emails for the various problems that Open Manager can report. This may not be for everyone (maybe there are security concerns etc), but it's working well for me.


To do it, I used a freeware application called sendEmail ( that is a command line utility to send email.


I then created a batch file in Notepad to run the command string.(


Since it seems that OpenManage wants to see a .exe file, I used another freeware application, BAT-Exe (


In the end, I made about 15 different .bat files which I then converted into .exe files. The "versions" that I created simply had a different subject line and email body, such as Power Supply Failure or Memory Warning, so I have linked the appropriate Alert to the proper .exe application that will send me the correct message.


Hope this is useful to others!


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I stumbled upon this solution using the freeware program BLAT to send out emails...


Open Manage really is a brain dead solution... who sits in front of a console watching for alerts? The ability to send notifications to email and pagers should have been done years ago... You still have to get under the hood and do things with a Command Line Interface to get any useful configuration done, especially if you want all your servers to report and behave in the same manner...

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Hi guys,

I'd like to share simple .exe application, which send alert notification through SMTP server without additional applications like sendemail, ets.

There is configuration file with alerts and email settings.

Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5

To apply it just put in Watchdog event path like c:\DellSMTPNotify\DellSMTPNotify.exe 1 where "1" trigger for alert (see config.xml), in Power Supply Critical c:\DellSMTPNotify\DellSMTPNotify.exe 2, etc

I hope it will help you like me.





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Here is yet another script which will provide automatic e-mail alerts.  This one will also configure the alerts for you, saving a bit of time.

It is self contained and does not depend on an external .exe to run.


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Any chance you could post this download again?


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Feel free to download there:

Fill details in the config file. To start just run: DellSMTPNotify.exe 1 (where 1 is WatchDog error, check config file for all alerts)

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Dude.  This was amazing.  Thank you so much.  This is a huge break through for me.  One click and all the work is done.  Absolutely amazing!!!

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