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Idrac7 enterprise virtual media fails on non-english XP *and* 10.8

I just wanted to report bugs on the idrac7 virtual media software, and I am not sure on the proper channels to do it.

Latest Idrac 7 enterprise (1.40.40 build 17) fails to open a virtual console unless it is heavily coerced to do so.

On a localized XP system, it fails to find the keystore, as it tries to load it from %UserProfile%/Application Data/ (which is incorrect on a localized XP: Application Data is "Datos de programa" in Spanish, and the proper environment variable is %APPDATA%).

On OSX 10.8.4 with jdk7u21 it copied into trusted.certs the default system keystore, but fails to read it, with the keystore password set to either "changeme" or "changeit" (nor does it work passing to javaws After opening the virtual console it just prints an exception about the keystore being tampered with. The keystore lists correctly with keytool so it is not a password problem.

Workaround (in case it could be useful to someone) is to create a shadow folder under %UserProfile% Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\Security, copy trusted.certs there, authorize the console (which then does work on XP), and finally copy that file to ~/trusted.certs on the mac.

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