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Serious security flaw in Intel AMT/SBA/ISM through version 11.6


Dell, any idea when you'll get out, which is the fixed 11.6?

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The Intel vPro/AMT features are not leveraged in the Poweredge servers, because of the iDrac. The T20 is the exception to this, but there does appear to be a patch in the works for it.

Hope this helps.

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T30, too.

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More details on it here.

Intel says that OEMs should start releasing firmware updates next week.

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Hello Chris, what is the latest update?  We would like a firm release date for the new T20 bios please.

Thank you.

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Check out the SSH - Intel AMT Vulnerability Tracking Page for some details.

Lenovo and HP have released advisory bulletins outlining their systems impacted by "Intels AMT fail" with expected BIOS release date to fix this epic fail.

Checked the Dell support site and couldn't find anything ! Really, it's about time Dell also released an advisory or secutity bulletin which also outlines impacted systems and expected release dates for the needed BIOS fix for this rather serious problem.

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That's a terrific page, but here's a link that I didn't see there. It leads to a PDF with a range of BIOS availability dates for a slew of Dell...workstations. No mention of servers. Earliest date is 10 days from now, but some stretch into June.

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Dell posted another whitepaper on Monday:

The estimated release date for the T20/T30 updates is mid-May;

Versions A12 and 1.0.5, respectively.

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The T20 and T30 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

 updates are now out.

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