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Warning Symbol on Hot Spare Disk After Disk Failure

I have a VRTX Server and after a disk failure (0:0:9) the hot spare disk (0:0:6) took over. The rebuild was successful but the hot spare disk still shows a warning symbol. I bought two new disks and replaced the failed disk (0:0:9) first. The disk is now okay but the hot spare disk remains in the warning state. Then I replaced the disk (0:0:6) but nothing seems to change. The Physical Disks menu, still shows the details of the old disk. Also, in the Chassis Overview, the disk (0:0:9) is still red with a null status.
I have cleared the logs but the alerts remain.
Any help will be appreciated.


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Can you check the LED status on HDD and check the pattern. You can refer below link for various pattern and its condition. 

DELL-Shine K

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