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iDRAC 7 and LDAP with password+totp pin login not working due to duplicate binding as user

Hi, we're trying to implement 2FA authentication onto our LDAP for our critical infrastructure including out-of-band management, but we hit a roadblock with iDRAC where it doesn't work as it's trying to reuse the same credentials multiple times (first for login, then for LDAP BIND, even when a dedicated Bind DN credentials are specified).

Is there a way how to make it work without credential reuse or make the second bind not use the credentials of the authenticating user (for example, specifying a search filter)?

LDAP Server we use is FreeIPA with Yubikey OTP.

Things tried:

  • iDRAC firmware is up to date
  • Tried soft and hard restart of the iDRAC
  • LDAP with just password login and no totp PIN works

Here's how the Generic LDAP Configuration and Management is setup with sensitive information replaced with placeholders:

Enable Generic LDAPYes
Use Distinguished Name to Search Group MembershipNo
LDAP Server
LDAP Server Port636 (LDAPS)
Bind DNuid=binduser,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
Update Bind Passwordyes
Bind Password 
Base DN to Searchcn=compat,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
Attribute of User Loginuid
Attribute of Group MembershipmemberUid
Search Filter 


Log from testing the LDAP connection with sensitive information replaced with placeholders:

16:34:47  Initiating Directory Services Settings Diagnostics:
16:34:47  trying LDAP server
16:34:47  Server Address resolved to
16:34:47  connect to passed
16:34:47  Connecting to ldaps://[]:636...
16:34:47  Test user authenticated user=uid=ldap_bind,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
16:34:47  Search command:
   Bind DN: uid=ldap_bind,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
   Scope: subtree
   Base DN: cn=compat,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
   Search filter: (
   Attribute list:
16:34:47  Connecting to ldaps://[]:636...
16:34:47  Test user authenticated,cn=users,cn=compat,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com
###Here's where credentials are reused with the token that's invalid as it was already used for previous login
16:34:47  Connecting to ldaps://[]:636...
16:34:48  ERROR: bind failed: Invalid credentials, (null):,cn=users,cn=compat,dc=domain,dc=example,dc=com

Is there a way how to make this work?

Thank you 

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With this question I would suggest calling in to support and working with software support high complexity group, as it is likely going to take access to the systems.



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