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Dell Venue 8 Pro frequently drops WIFI and bluetooth

Anyone else having a problem with their Dell Venue 8 Pro where the WIFI and bluetooth frequently stop working altogether?  Sometimes it works for days and sometimes it drops within minutes of being restarted.  The only way I have found to re-enable the WIFI and bluetooth is to reboot.  As far as I can tell I'm up to date on all drivers and firmware.

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Dell technical support installed new driver on April/23 but the issue still intermitting. I use the Bluetooth speaker for the you tube. Sometime it works for a while and after the you tube keep buffering and freeze the video. The question is why it's worked at first time when I got this tablet in late Feb. The problem occurred in last couple weeks. I suspected after many times of windows update. 

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Had same problem yesterday while trying to watch a show on Netflix using BT headphones. The only thing I can think of is relatively low battery indicator. Disabling and re-enabling network adapter did the trick, but had failures like this for about 3 times during a 90 minute episode.

I rarely use bluetooth, but sometimes this issue occurs even w/o bluetooth, wifi cuts out after prolonged use of the tablet, and unless I reset the tablet or disable/re-enable adapter, I can't get the wireless to connect.

The tablet has the newest drivers/BIOS. Should I order a warranty replacement?

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I'm having the same problem, GTITIEVSKY. After some variable time, the network adapter will drop and I can't recover without a reboot. The adapter won't enable again id I disable it. When wireless fails, the wireless icon on the Start screen > Settings and the desktop has an icon with a red circle and white x through it. Today I was streaming Netflix with a Bluetooth headset, and after 10-12minutes the sound would drop and the a few seconds later the wireless connection would drop and I see the dame red circle, white x icon. This happened 4-5 times in a row. Before today, I thought I was just having a wireless adapter/driver problem but now I think the Bluetooth radio fails at the same time. This makes sense as the WiFi/Bluetooth are on the same card installed to the system board. I'm running Version,A02 of the Dell Wireless 1538 WiFi/BT Driver, Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 A05 BIOS and Version 603.9600.2067.26305, A03 of the Intel Platform Driver. I called Dell support and after troubleshooting they had me send the tablet to their warranty depot. They replaced the system board and reimage with the factory OS build. Within 6 hours of receipt, it failed again for me. I called support again and the guy had me install the Intel platform driver, reboot then install the network/ Bluetooth driver assuring me he'd fixed the issue for several customers with this procedure. That was last night and today I had all the problems streaming Netflix I wrote about above. I'll call support again. One guy I talked to said something to the effect that the wireless/Bluetooth card can be removed from the main board, so maybe the warranty guys put the same one on the new main board during service. I'm hoping there is some kind of manufacturing defect where some but not all wireless/Bluetooth adapters are failing. By the way, my battery had a full charge, right off the charger when I started streaming earlier today; I don't think this problem correlates to a low charge.
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Judging by pictures of motherboard for the tablet, the WiFi/BT module is integrated into the motherboard... BTW, I found out that I still had the old WiFi/BT driver. I'll test the system with the new driver and will reply if that did it for me.

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I seem to be having a similar problem with a unit I have had for three months. Last week, wifi shut off while watching 5 minutes of a video so I thought I would try shutting down and restarting. The tablet would not restart even though it had a full charge and even with the charger attached it showed no signs of life. Thought it was bricked. Support had me do a power reset (hold power button for one minute) which brought the tablet back to life and they followed up by installing various updates (from what I could tell they were updates that I had already installed) to correct the wifi issue. Then today after 17 minutes of Netflix streaming, wifi disconnected again. Restarting the tablet brought the wifi back.
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same, even with new drivers. got the following in event viewer

WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped.

Module Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\athihvs.dll

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Guys the wireless issue for the dell venue 8 pro is easy to fix.

Go to device manager under control panel.

1) Goto the Bluetooth - Bluetooth Radio - Power Management - "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and make sure it is unchecked

2) Goto the USB - USB Root Hub (xHCI) and uncheck the same option

Good luck, works perfect for me after these changes... Cheers Alex

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This has worked for me, my wifi has good signal strength and from being in a connected states it randomly switched to limited and i had to restart to fix it but that didn't always work and was frustrating. as soon as i made those suggested changes, wifi went back to a connected status.


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Worked for me! Thanks! I wonder why Dell didn't configure their machines like that to begin with...

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