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Does Dell Venue 11 support 128GB micro SD cards?

Amazon has the newly released SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I Card for $119. Does this work in the Dell Venue Pro 11 or 8? Thanks.
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While i cant garuantee it, I cant see why it shouldnt. Im still using a reader from my 256mb card for the 64gb in my camera :P It prolly wont be as fast as it can be, though
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I have the 128 GB installed in my Venue Pro 8 right now, and so far, so good.  Size is correctly identified, and I've had no read or write errors to the best of my knowledge.

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Hey, sorry to necro-post this but I'm having an issue with my 128GB Micro SD card in my Venue 11 Pro. For the past couple months its worked fine, but now that I'm transferring files over from my old laptop, theve randomly been disappearing after 10-15 minutes and the folders claim to be empty.  The tablet knows its a 128GB card, and everything I've scanned it with shows its functioning properly. 

I've been seeing conflicting information about the max that the Venue 11 Pro can handle is either 64GB or 128GB, depending what article I read. Even on Dell's site it has both numbers. Which is the correct maximum Micro SD card size?

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I have tried 2 different Samsung EVO 128gb micro SD cards in my Venue Pro 11 (i5) - both reacted the same. Sometimes the Venue Pro would boot ok and run ok for a while then suddenly it would lock up - my only recourse is a hard reboot.

Dell's site says it supports this class of micro SD in the Venue Pro's micro SD reader but I have had no success.  I used a SanDisk 64gb for quite a while in the Venue Pro's micro SD reader with no problems.  I now use the Samsung 128gb thru a mini external card reader connected to either the Dell dock or directly to the Venue 11 Pro USB port - no problems running this way.

At this point I am convinced that either the driver is faulty or the Venue Pro micro SD reader is faulty due to the intermittence of the problem.

Anybody else seen this happening.

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Well, there are any number of examples on the net and uTube that suggest the 11 Pro 7140 should handle 128Gb. I have just got a new 7140 with a 256Gb SSD, but have not been successful with either 128Gb or 164Gb SD cards. Seems to be OK with a Sandisk 64Gb thoough.

It appears impossible to get a definitive answer on what card size/s/type the 11 Pro can handle.

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I am also running a Sandisk 64gb. Occasionally it will drop out; not be accessible or show in File Explorer.   I either have to reboot the computer or manually eject the SD card and reseat it.

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i initially bought 128GB off ebay. it kept dropping out and disappearing because it was fake. i then went to box dot co dot uk and ordered a series of genuine cards. i use a kingston 64 now with zero problems. be mindful of fake cards, you can potentially lose your data and experience severe instability 

Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830) :: Kingston 64GB mSDHC Class 10 :: Plugable UD-PRO8 Dock
Targus SafePort :: Windows 10 32bit Pro :: No Problem

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Thanks for your note Adimansi.

I had considered that, but all three cards I tried are genuine Sandisk cards. So far I have had a good run with the 64Gb one so despite various comments ont he net, lean towards the real possibility that my Pro cananot handle cards of higher capacity. which is a real bummer :(

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Bummer, couldn't agree more.  Tried talking to Dell about this issue but they won't even talk to me without charging me because I am out of warranty. Dell has specs on their website that imply support for a 128gb micro SD but it doesn't work in the Venue Pro 11 (7130).

Is that false advertising?

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