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Venue Pro Status?

I ordered this being told the 10th/or so was the release date/shipping date.

My main concern is this was a Christmas present and it's labeled as 12/29/10 delivery date with two day shipping.  Is this the latest it should be here or?

I haven't heard anything going wrong so why the extreme delay?  If another bug or etc crept up I understand I'll buy another present but it's been "In Production"  for a week now and as much as I'm hoping one day soon it'll be shipped I'm actually starting to worry that the 29th might be unrealistic itself. 

I heard from other people who ordered prior to me by a few days and got the same date and I never have enough time to wait on hold to get to an actual person so I figured I'd hop on here and see if anyone knew anything or what was going on..

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I finally got in contact with someone on the phone, via a few call forwards. 

According to them this is due to availability mentioned on the website, the Dell website says order now and you'll receive it on the 29th.  

I called them due to my inability to read obviously.  Not really, when asked why people who order now have the same date on their delivery estimate as those who did ten days ago per say they did not have any information posted on the issue, claimed that it was unaccessible to them.  So all in all I got my answer to why they'll be getting so many ready the same date, obviously it's magic.  When I questioned whether any more bugs or production errors have occurred apparently none are reported either so that's the only solution.   I haven't known magic like this since I was a kid, a Leprechaun use to clean my room when I was at school and my plate when I left the table, surely you cannot question such higher beings.

Also I know theres a cue but claiming you'll get in contact with me if any come up then not having the proper means to do so when I ask you to confirm my contact information isn't being very sneaky, should of put me on hold another few minutes while she thought about it.  I can't really be too mad, only so much you can do from India, just disappointed with the lack of input Dell gives on the situation.  Phone was slated for beginning of November, after the first batch there wasn't even a notice such as;Working on bugs, be back soon.  Nope just weeks of waiting before they claim it's available again.  

Well I got Christmas shopping to do.

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I think it's time for Dell to make an official statement about this.  This is no way to build a customer base in any industry.  People need to trust you, and it is very difficult to do so when you don't even try to keep your customer base informed.  We are all trying to give Dell a shot in the mobile market, and it seems you are not treating us with the respect we deserve.  If you keep silent, you will lose customers.  It will eventually reach the media and then you will be pressured into making a statement.  Why not just be honest ?

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I know, how do they expect respect when their bluntly rude to their customers.  No wonder I was warned to steer clear of Dell but I really do want to give them a chance.   Not making any announcements and keeping around phone support with no access to anything viable followed up by misleading dates and flat out lies is really irritating.  Way to not respond to my email as well.

Aside from that here's what I've managed to scrub up.  People claim if you call you get a much sooner delivery date via phone than online, some people who ordered online already got a closer date than others ordering with them.  Problem being if you ordered your order is placed "In Production" in which you cannot cancel so you cannot call and reorder/place a new order for another one with your original order money.

Someone on another forum said that the dates aren't too solid, based on past orders they do tend to ship when it's available and at times weeks in advance so if that stands I still may get it in time for Christmas!

Noticed the bug/difficulties topic for the Venue Pro in this forum and I have to ask, are they simply being held until this is resolved?  Either way I don't mind as long as we're told something!  

If any techies are reading I have to ask, the issues I read somewhere weren't "hardware".  Can that be confirmed or not?  If that's the case why not just ship them out and then patch them?  My main question on the topic is since most phones aren't having nearly as many problems can we expect the "Service Pack" updates hitting next month then again in February to run as smoothly as other phones or will they too develop problems of their own on this particular phone?


Way for me to pay to do my own research, thanks for the amazing support.


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Dell-Amy B Claimed that is was a software fix, but that it would still need a device replacement.  I think they just don't want to release the firmware to the public, out of fear of the hobbyist community being able to figure out how to unlock the radio on this devices.  Other than that, the need for hardware replacement might have something to do with the SIM card slot ?  Either way, it would be very nice if someone at Dell would bless us with a real answer.

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I ordered mine on 12/01 with an estimated receipt date of 12/15... with 2 day shipping, that means it should be going out TODAY and so far NOTHING.


Even if it is just an 'estimate', they should send an update if they don't make the estimate.  I find their lack of communication disturbing.  Its ok though, if they never send the phone, they never charge me and they don't get paid.  If I don't hear nothing, I'll just cancel.  Simple.  They have everything to lose here, not me.

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I ordered one on 12/01 as well but with one day shipping, so the estimated delivery date is 12/14. If units don't start shipping out today, it seems safe to say that we should expect further delays. 

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It seems Venue Pro comments are being actively ignored.

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I talked to two Dell reps who both told me this:

"Unfortunately out suppliers are having some trouble meeting up with the demands due to which the order was delayed and is now estimated to be delivered on or before January 5."

Well played Dell. . . . Well played.

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Btw the announcement/site update was on the 1st itself, looking at what you said that was when you ordered it.  Meaning somehow the supply wasn't addequate to meet the demands of the first few hours of it being on sale. 

So either they never had it or made two and called it.    I know it's not the most reported on and awaited phone atm but that doesn't mean you can make five and call it stock. 

If you're having issues and readdressing hardware or having to reinstall software before you ship the orders it's a lot less irritating to hear than pin the blame on anonymous suppliers.

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