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Tech Exchange Live VxRail Deployment Flexibility - Options to help you scale

Hi Everyone, and a very warm welcome to Tech Exchange Live.  

I'm super excited to host our next live learn session, when our experts bring technical sunshine and show you ways that further simplify your IT infrastructure; scaling when and where you need to. We’ll discuss deployment in Edge environments so you get skilled with the know-how.  Plus, we have a very special guest joining, Jonathan Toulon President of the CONVERGED User Group

If you missed the live session, watch the replay and learn in a transformative world! 

Are you ready to become a tech hero? Register here for Ondemand! 

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Hi Anita, please can you give me direct link for the sessions i want to check them out

Dell Technologies

Hello, yes of course!  Here's a direct link for your use - VxRail Deployment Flexibility 

Happy Viewing! Best wishes, Anita

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