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How to get 4 NICs only from BRCM 10GbE 2P 57810s bNDC

Dear All,

Kindly I need to get four NICs only from [BRCM 10GbE 2P 57810s bNDC] - i tried to enable NPAR but got 8NICs at ESXi ,, is there is any way to configure it to get total 4 NICs at ESXi [ two from physical and two from other port ], thanks in advance.

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Looking at the configuration utility, it looks like each port can be sectioned into 4 partitions, as you mentioned. However, you can navigate to the F2 menu, Device Settings, the NIC, then NIC Partitioning Configuration. Under the configuration menu, you can go to individual NIC partitions and disable them. I would leave 1 and 2 on, then turn off 3 and 4 for both ports to see if that gets you what you need.

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