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How to rebuild a RAID 1 in a R710 ESXi Server w/ rebooting

We have a R710 with ESXI 5.5 running 7 VM´s. I had a disk failure in a RAID 1 in this server. To solve the problem, we have replaced the disk with a new one, but the RAID rebuild has not started. The upper led of the disk still flashing quickly. Another disk is ok and the server is running smoothly. How to start a RAID rebuild running ESXi without rebooting the server ???

I have found the utility PERCCLI that allows a lot of operations through ESXi systems. Anyone have used this tool ???

Thank you in advance...

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PERC CLI is inteded for use with the 13th generation servers and PERCs. MegaCLI is the software tool that would be compatible with the R710 and it's controllers. There are numerous articles on using MegaCLI, as well.

Those should be of some use to you.

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