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Can't uninstall McAfee SpamKiller

I cannot get my McAfee SpamKiller to go away - either by disabling it or uninstalling it.  I used to have it, it expired, and I don't want it back.  The rest of my Security Center is still running (unexpired) and I don't want to get rid of it.

In Add/Remove programs, it is not there.  Only the entire McAfee Security Center is there, and i would rather not uninstall the ENTIRE software package.


In the McAfee Security Center program itself, I get a message saying I am not protected (fine, I hate the SpamKiller anyway) but there is no option to uninstall or disable it.  I have searched high and low. 


I have even told the software to NOT tell me when Spam protection is not installed, but i still get regular pop-ups that my software has expired. 


Please, is there any way to get SpamKiller off of my computer?  Even in the Program Files, there isn't an uninstall exe to run!

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Hi kjrst9, and welcome:


I don't allow any McAfee products on my PC, but found this from Dell that might help:


Unfortunately, one of the problems with security suites is selectively uninstalling one module. You might have to bite the bullet and uninstall the whole shebang.If that link doesn't help, hopefully someone using this suite can provide another solution.



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in add/remove programs click on security centre and then click on change/remove it then gives you the option of uninstalling single components of sc. check the box on spam killer and follow the instructions.


if you only want to remove spam killer(anti spam?) because of the "your computer is not fully protected" warning and this is attributed to spam killer, it may be that spam killer isn't installed properly. i had the same problem. i downloaded the mcafee mcpr product removal tool, uninstalled all mcafee products and then reinstalled them from my account. i did have to do this twice but it did solve the problem.  

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Thanks to both of the above responders, your answers were most helpful!

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I also want to uninstall McAfee Spam Killer. I own a Dell Windows XP computer. I had McAfee as security for 5 years and I am not happy with their services. I am installing a Panda Global Secuity program. I have uninstalled the McAfee program except their "spam killer." I need help to unistall this McAfee Spam Killer in order to complete the installation of my new security program.  Can I get assistance from Dell? Thank you.


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If your goal is to remove EVERYTHING McAfee, have you tried downloading/running MCPR [McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool] ?

Using McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool
· Double click the MCPR.exe
· A Command Line window will be displayed, and then close automatically.
· Wait for a second Command Line window to be displayed. Note: Do not double-click MCPR.exe again, you may have to wait up to 1 minute for the next window to appear.
· After the second window appears, the program will begin the cleanup.
· Observe the installation, which could take several minutes. The following message will be displayed in the Command Line window: The machine must reboot to complete the un-installation. Reboot now? [y.n]
· Press Y on the keyboard.
· Wait for the computer to restart.
· All McAfee products are now removed from your computer.

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