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Facebook Pixel Hunt study

Mozilla Firefox and its collaborator, The Markup, are launching a study to see exactly how much data Facebook is really collecting about you.

The study intends to map Facebook’s pixel tracking network and get a better look at the kind of information it collects about users on different websites.

If you use Firefox and want to participate in this study, read more here.

Be aware that this study will be collecting a variety of info (listed at the link) about your computer browsing habits while you participate, but, quote, "Only deidentified metrics and models will be exported from our secure environment."  So think about what that means for you before signing up...


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In a joint effort between columnists at The Markup and Mozilla analysts, this study tries to plan Facebook's status pixel following organization and comprehend the sorts of data it gathers on locales across the web here.<Non-public info removed. TOS64> The Markup will utilize the information gathered in this review to make analytical news-casting around the sorts of data Facebook gathers about you, and where.

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