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Fake "Microsoft" USB sticks

Microsoft has alerted customers about criminals mailing counterfeit packages disguised as legitimate Office products.

Fraudsters are trying to get people to think they got Microsoft Office for free. They're sending USB sticks in convincing packaging that looks like it came from Microsoft.  Microsoft has launched an internal investigation.

Microsoft will never send unsolicited packages or contact you out of the blue for any reason.

If you get one of these fake packages, don't plug the USB into any PC, even though you might think it can be wiped and re-used. Just smash it to bits and toss out.

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I also have the same issue and have some suggestions. If it is helpful, I'll be grateful.

One method of swiftly installing malware on a PC is to trick the victim into thinking they are receiving something for free. U.K. criminals do this to defraud their victims.


Several scammers from the U.K. try to mislead victims into believing they were accidentally sent an Office Professional Plus (worth $439) by sending USB discs containing Microsoft's Office suites. The victim is encouraged to call a fake support number instead of installing Office on their PC. Next, the latter convinces the victim to grant remote acces.

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