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Updates 9/29/22 - CCleaner

CCleaner v6.04.10044 (20 Sep 2022)


Version 6.04 brings various usability improvements to CCleaner. In Health Check, the scan now ignores files that were modified less than a minute ago, meaning that, after we've cleaned, the app won’t communicate that a PC is “under the weather” when it’s not!

This release also includes some minor usability tweaks to the new Cleaning Schedule interface. Plus, we have improved our error reporting to get better information if the app crashes, so we can address critical issues sooner.

Taking the hassle out of PC maintenance

  • In Health Check, the scan now ignores files that were modified less than a minute ago
  • We’ve made some small usability tweaks to Performance Optimizer and Cleaning Schedule

Fixing bugs

  • Fixed CCleaner re-enabling Windows System Restore on every launch; going forward, System Restore will only be activated if enabled via Driver Updater
  • Fixed all drivers disappearing from lists after closing 'Restart Now' popup
  • Fixed an issue causing backups to be removed due to an access rights issue
  • We now require restarts for reverting as well as updating certain drivers (fixes issue where the scan gets stuck at 0%)
  • We’ve fixed some visual issues that occur when Windows is scaled above 100%
  • We’ve added a reporting tool that will help us to identify the most common crashes and their causes


go for the SLIM build


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