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Revert BIOS to A05

I made a mistake in updating Bios to A08 (which I've since found is corrupt). My V260 was running W10pro both 32 and 64 bit with a Dell E525W printer/scanner with no problems -

I took bad advice and "upgraded" BIOS to A08, since which my pc is reporting it's changed identity (Properties say it is missing the  PCI Simple Communications controller, AND the "driver update" button is greyed out) and whatever I do, I cannot get the printer to work (and tried all conventional steps). Only then found that A08 is corrupt.  Thought to upgrade BIOAS to A10 - refuses to load, wrong platform (doesnt recognise Windows 10)

So - obvious answer - revert to the original BIOS, A05 - I executed the file, with this result..  HELP please.

masterbowl_0-1660146492333.jpegExecuted the EXE file, with this result

Originally posted in error on Laptop page, now correctly posted.



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Absoulutely Not allowed to downgrade Bios.  Most Dells have this after specific version.  "missing the PCI Simple Communications controller," in device manager is just windows missing chipset driver.

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Thank you, Speedstep. The installer Intel_Chipset-Software-Insta_A01_R301321.exe refers to W7.  I did state I'm using W10 pro.  Will this installer work on W10 ?

Also - "Not allowed to downgrade Bios" - so how do I rectify corrupt bios A08? installed in error?   Original BIOS was A05, and (unless the suggested chipset installer solves it) there's a similar problem upgrading to A10 BIOS (wrong platform error).

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