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Sharing peripherals + video

I have a desktop PC that I use at home with a dedicated GPU and a Work Laptop. I would like to share all my desktop PC peripherals with my laptop, i.e keyboard, mouse, screen, and hopefully headphones. Currently, the only thing I've been able to share is the screen (simply because the screen has multiple input ports) but I am still using different mouse and keyboard.

I have a laptop docking station but I don't believe that this is what I need, I would have to move a USB-C cable from the back of my desktop to my work laptop every time I wanted to switch, and even then, it would only work if I use the integrated GPU on my desktop, I need to use the GPU for this setup. Website

Is there a device or setup that I can use to share all peripherals between my desktop PC and a laptop, being able to use the dedicated GPU on my desktop?

Thanks in advance.

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Kvm Controller B09MD4DC5X

Dual Monitor KVM Switch HDMI 4 Port Extended Display 4K@60Hz KVM Switch 2 Monitors 4 Computers KVM Switch HDMI 4 in 2 Out




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