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Vostro 3888 Legacy Boot (CDROM boot)

HOw can i enable the legacy where i can set CDROM boot.

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You cannot EVER do that.

Newer models are WIN10 or 11 64 bit only, UEFI GPT only.  NO CSM NO Legacy EVER.

Intel_2017 No more mbr or legacy

CSM Compatability Support Module for BIOS is only available in older systems. ALL Newer Dell systems will not boot the OS 32 bit or in legacy mode from an internal drive. This is a half-step toward Intel's goal of removing legacy support altogether starting by 2019 , and completely by 2020.


Systems past 2015 sky-lake 6th gen are class 3 bios UEFI 64 bit only WIN10 only. If you need that get an older model like optiplex  790 7010 7020 7040

Legacy support ended in 2020 with Class 3 UEFI bios with NO CSM.

Processors past Skylake 6th gen DO NOT SUPPORT Legacy or 32 bit or MBR.


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