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Vostro 5880s are junk

I purchase 2 Vostro 5880 workstations on 3/8/2021.  The warrantee expired on 3/8/2022.  The first one blew a motherboard on 3/18 and the second one blew on 3/24.  I did a chat with their Paid Support guys as the machines were out of warrantee. Twice they just disconnected, and when I was reconnected i got to start all over again.  I  then spoke with Dells India Based phone support.  They again ran me through all the troubleshooting steps I had already done.  The bottom line is, I didn't mind so much paying for the first machine, but when the second machine crashed with the exact same issue 6 days later (And less than two weeks after the warrantee expired) I though to myself, this isn't right.  Two of the exact same machines crash 6 days apart right after the warrantee is up?  I don't believe in coincidences.  I requested that thye pay for the repairs to the second machine.  They explained that it was out of warrantee and there had to be a charge.  Really?  I am a consultant and I have been recommending and selling Dell products for 20 years. The main reason was because I thought they had great support.  Ha!  After spending hours in chat and on the phone they just basically said tough.  I asked why they would disregard a decades long customer who has sold hundreds of Dell machines.  I told them to just pay for the second one and I would be satisfied.  They refused.  I don't know why they are willing to lose a customer like me for $248, but I am done with them.  Never again will I recommend or sell a Dell product.  Not the customer service I thought they had.  I am thinking HP will probably stand behind their products!

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We tried reaching you on a private message asking for the Service Tag number to ascertain the warranty but did not receive a response. Please feel free to reply to the private message whenever you are available.

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No man. Vostro's are so cool. I had a very good customer experience with Vostro's in the past

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