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cooler change

Vostro 3670

hi i have installed an arctic freezer 11  c p u  cooler in my v o s t r o  and i keep getting error message critical fan failed to respond cooler appears to be working , checked via c p u  checker running at 40 - 45  c   but on boot i get error message every time ? 

any help appreciated 


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the error is due to dell bios not liking the cpu fan.  unless you change the fan, the error will stay, but since the cooler is running find and doing its job, just ignore the error which is a nuisance.


thanks for your reply had pretty much figured that but even arctic say this cooler and fan should work fine ?


It works fine and has no problem. Problem is Dell bios being unforgiving coded to pass oem fan or the like only.

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Dell fans go up to 4000 RPM.
Copper Air Cooler VWD01




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