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Apps crash on Dell Vostro 3550

Hello. My gf got cheap laptop i needed to take with me on vacation. Its Dell Vostro 3550 with i7, 8GBs RAM and Radeon graphics). After installing fresh system i've encountered a problem - many apps and games crash on opening. For example Legends of Runeterra or Photoshop wont start at all. League of Legends can't go past champion select (its when game starts loading).

I'm using laptop with removed battery only on adapter since battery i've got with it is dead. I dont think it should affect anything anyway but mentioning it there. I can't find a way to force app to open on dedicated graphics (both options - enery saving and high performance modes are Intel HD Graphics 3000). Even though both games should run on this integrated graphics (I've got fujitsu s792 with similar specs that's just fine with anything i mentioned - even if i unplug the battery and run it just on adapter).

Anyone has an idea what might be the problem? I dont think its assigned to battery but at this point i just have no idea... Tried looking for diffrent graphic drivers and went through many topics on forums but nothing helped so far.

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