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Charging Vostro 7510 via Thunderbolt port?

tl;dr: is USB charging via Thunderbolt port officially supported on Vostro 7510? Does Dell sell a USB-C charger?

I have used the Thunderbolt port many times to charge the laptop (Vostro 7510) while traveling in lieu of the AC port. This allows me to travel a bit lighter. I purchased a high-quality, 4-port, 100-watt USB wall charger (and 100-watt USB-C cable) so I could charge my phone, tablet and laptop as necessary. Because the Vostro uses a 130-watt input, I would sometimes see a "slow charging" warning, but this was not a big deal, maybe it would take 2 hours to charge instead of 1 or whatever.

On my last trip, however, it all went bad. Unfortunately I had to use the computer away from a plug and ran it all down to zero, such that the computer would not turn on at all. I plugged in the USB cord the laptop that night and assumed it was all fine, but the next day I realized it had not charged at all. Then when I tried again to use the Thunderbolt port to charge I could see that the small LED light next to the Thunderbolt was not coming on. I plugged in the same cable into my phone and it charged fine. Only the Vostro was not responding.


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What does the manual for your laptop say about this?


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The only thing the Vostro 7510 manual says is that the computer contains "One Thunderbolt 4 port with DisplayPort 1.4 and PowerDelivery."

Intel's website (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/resources/upgrade-gaming-accessories-thunderbolt-4.ht...) says (emphasis mine): A Thunderbolt™ port can do all three. It delivers high-speed data transfer, outputs a video signal, and can deliver power to compatible devices (including charging a lightweight laptop) simultaneously.

Therefore I would expect that charging my laptop via the USB-C Thunderbolt port would be supported. The fact that it went totally dead and would not respond in any fashion (no charging, no lights, no power) to a 100-watt charger, would appear to be a malfunction.

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