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Dell D3100 Dock not supported for Vostro 3520

Dell USB3.0 dock D3100

Can support be added for the Dell D3100 dock with the Vostro 3520 Win 11. 

I would like to use the dock with the following monitors:

- PHL 243V7

- Asus VL249



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The PHL 243V7 and Asus VL249 monitors should work with the Dell D3100 dock as long as they support DisplayPort or HDMI connections, as the dock has both types of ports. However, there is no guarantee that the dock will work with the Vostro 3520 laptop running Windows 11, as the compatibility between the laptop and dock would depend on the dock's drivers and software support for Windows 11.

It would be best to check the Dell website for any updated information on compatibility between the Dell D3100 dock, the Vostro 3520 laptop, and the monitors you are using. Additionally, you can also check the manufacturer's websites for the monitors for any information on compatibility with the Dell D3100 dock.

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