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Internet connected but Webpages not loading

Machine in question is a Dell Vostro 5625 running the latest Windows 11 (although issue did occur before the 22H2 update).

Seemingly randomly, and daily if not multiple times a day I am getting an issue where web pages will not load in edge or chrome until I restart the computer.
While it's happening other web based applications like onedrive, teams, zoom calls, outlook, even pinging webpages still works, just nothing will load in a browser.

Some things I've noticed:

- Twice it has happened right as I've started sharing my screen (not great since I'm leading training), I'm not sure if this is related or

- It happens in the office both through ethernet and wifi, and also at home through ethernet and wifi. So can rule out modem/router as the cause.


What I've tried:


- Reset network settings twice

- Upgraded all drivers + BIOS to the most recent ones available on Dell support

- Done the usual ipconfig /flushdns /release /renew etc.

- Disabled proxy

- Manually set DNS to google (DNS at work is using google anyway and at home is PiHole going through to google DNS)



There are a few other systems that recently started being used by other staff that have been downgraded from Windows 11 to Windows 10, too early to say if they have the same issue.
I also have another of the same laptops still new in the box here. If troubleshooting over the weekend doesn't work I will open that up and see if it has the same issue.

I previously had a hp 250 g8 that was doing the same thing on Windows 10, but updating the ethernet/wifi drivers seemed to fix that.


Any other things to try would be appreciated.

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