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Vostro 3515 GPU driver failures

Vostro 15 3515

We're having a consistent issue across a range of different time ordered Vostro 3515 R5 units

These are fresh built Win11 22H1 (user preference) deployments, but every single one is having issues where the external screen they've got plugged in drops off.

If you go into compmgmt, the Vega 8 video driver is listed under display adaptors, however it's in disabled state. You have to go into uninstallation of the driver, reinstall and mostly it'll work - for a bit. I've tried with the AMD Adrenaline driver from the site, again it works for a while (sometimes a day on one of the units), and off it goes again.

It's pretty much drawing in complaints from users multiple times a day, almost every day, to the extent it's causing mass issues across the board.

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Make sure to get the vega Win 11 driver from Dell (not AMD) since Dell customizes all  laptop drivers from all manufacturers to work on the Dell board.

Support for Vostro 15 3515 | Drivers & Downloads | Dell US

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Yes, the problem exists on the Dell Win11 driver. The AMD Adrenaline was an attempt at a workaround that didn't succeed either.

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I confirm. I have the same. I have latest Dell drivers. The service has not done anything for a week!!!. Before that, they swapped the motherboard and audio board. But it didn't help. Now the laptop after starting with the Dell logo does not display anything on its screen or on an external monitor. This computer and services is a failure !!!

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Hi CSerpent,


I've the exact same issue.  I'm on my 3rd resolve attempt from Dell.   I've had a motherboard replacement and a complete replacement.   The driver becomes disabled within windows 10 and drops the external display.

Windows 11



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We are also experiencing the same issue. We changed our model to the dell vostro 3515 and purchased around 40 happening on all the devices.

we deploy our baseline os image via SCCM.


its happening on all devices on the following builds 21h1, 22h2 and windows 11.

We have tried changing the power management settings, reinstalling the driver, updating the bios and all other drivers to the latest versions., resetting the OS and manually domain integrating to avoid deploying our pre built image. 


We have tried updating the graphics driver through both adrenaline and the dell website directly. After restarting the device it will work for a short period of time but not longer after the issue happens again.

Currently trying the below fix amending the registry.




The only clue to the situation we've found is that event viewer shows a power delivery issue related to the times of the crashes.


My gut tells me that the system isn't delivering sufficient power to the GPU to deliver and in turn it's crashing out the driver.  We've got this raised as an issue to ProSupport currently and I've made them aware of this thread (as well as several posts on r/Dell).

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Also there's a new GPU driver on the Dell support pages from Tuesday. It doesn't show in SupportAssist or Command Update oddly, and when you install it has a normal AMD Adrenaline install interface and wrapper versus any Dell customisation.


so it looks like its no longer crashing now.


When we downloaded the GPU driver from dells website, it automatically installs adrenaline and we updated it from there again to the latest version.


We just downloaded the GPU driver from Dells website then didn't update it further through adenaline just closed it and thats been stable for over 24 hours, the longest yet...


Hi all,

We are also having this issue - affecting all of our Dell Vostro 3515 laptops. Tried updating drivers, BIOS etc - still not working. The driver seems to crash/uninstall itself - and we have to reinstall it to get it back up and running.


@DanielBailey20  Do you have any updates on your issue?

This is surely a problem with all machines - Please sort ASAP Dell!

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