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hi im looking for a good battery replacement for my dell vostro 5568 i5 ,

Latitude 7490

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Parts-People is a reliable source of Genuine Dell parts, and they have your battery in stock.

You may also buy direct from Dell.

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you can buy directly from dell website as third party battery may give compatibility issues as well as poor performance. dell original batteries would give great power backup as well as better quality.


how many hours does original battery last after a full charge. is it possible to get a get a bigger upgrade on the battery to last a decent 6-8 hours ?



please refer to my question in the bottom thank you . is it possible to upgrade  BIGGER battery 50+ WATTS? that can give a decent 6 to 8 hours.


A Google search turns up only 2 types of battery for the 5568, the WDX0R and the FC92N which are both 42WH. It appears that only that WH battery was available from the factory for the 5568. A post on Tom's Guide here also stated that the 5568 had some thermal throttling issues which may affect battery run time.

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