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second drive for vostro 3500

Does the New Vostro 3500 have an extra slot for a hardrive or ssd?

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Hi, I added a SATA drive (a Crucial 1TB SSD) to the internal bay. (The laptop has a M.2 512GB SSD card). However, after a few hours of working perfectly suddenly the motherboard power supply trips and the only way to recover is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes (otherwise there is no sign of life from the laptop). It seems that adding a second disk is too much for the power supply. Has anyone else found this too?


Can you please suggest which is the right model for brackets? I have searched around but there tons of different bracket out there, so the exact modem for Vostro 3500 would help.

You reply is highly appreciate.


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Yes, subject to either reconfiguring or reinstalling Windows (if you change the mode without doing so, the result will be a no-boot).

On most newer systems, if you have both an M.2 and a 2.5" drive, the M.2 must be the boot drive.


Thank you! One more question I have is: if I disable RAID is the bios, would I still be able to use the SATA drive?

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It'll take one M.2 drive plus one 2.5" drive, but the 2.5" drive needs a bracket and cable that likely won't come in the system unless you order it with both drives, so plan on needing to buy those from Dell Spare Parts.

documentation here:


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