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AWCC Preventing Monitors from Sleeping

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3821DW

I recently installed several pieces of Aqua Computer hardware into my custom system (Aqua D5 Next, OCTO, Farbwerk360, and Leakshield) that has an Alienware AW3821DW attached. AWCC is installed on the system to control the monitor lighting effects.

What I've found is that when any one of the 4 Aqua Computer components is attached via USB to my system, my monitors refuse to go to sleep as scheduled. Even when I force the monitors to sleep, they immediately wake up again. I traced the issue down to the AWCC Software/service. When I manually stop the AWCCService in Windows, the issue immediately goes away.

I discussed is a little with Aqua support, and they said all their devices have a vendor ID of "0c70". Can AWCC be updated so that it only tries to interface with appropriately supported devices / not try to probe Aqua devices?

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Did you find any solution? I'm having the same issue on my PC. I just contacted Dell...

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Nope, never got a response. My only solution was to stop the AWCCService, and set the service in Windows to Manual instead of automatic to prevent it from running on startup. I've also found that it's periodically re-enabled itself/set back to Automatic. I'm assuming that's happened as part of some automatically installed updates.

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