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Error message: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application

I have a new 5888 laptop running windows 10 and this error message pops up sporadically:

 " Error message:  The operating system is not presently configured to run this application." 

Not sure what application the error message is referring to.  This message does seem to pop up when I log back into my computer (screen saver), but I can't tell for sure.  Help!

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Thank you for writing to us!

This is a Microsoft error,mostly to do with Microsoft apps or programs

There is definitely a problem with the installation conflicting with files and registry settings from old MS Office installations. Simply reinstalling does not resolve this.

1) Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove everything associated with MS Office. Reboot.
2) Do a search online for MS Office 2000/2003 Resource Kits and download them. They are available on microsoft's website if you can ever find them. Probably just easier Google it.
3) In my case I had a previous version of 2003 installed at one point, so I ran the 2003 Resource Kit first. Use the Removal Wizard. Tell it to delete ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS of MS Office. It will delete a list of files.
4) Now run the Office 2000 Resource Kit Removal Wizard and tell it to do the same.
5) Next you need to manually delete the files that are still left behind. Delete these folders -
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE11 (or "OFFICE")
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE
After this I was able to re-install correctly without the error mentioned in the post above. This was a serious pain and I can't understand why MS doesn't completely remove it's products when you choose to delete them.


1. Go to Control Pane -> Programs & Features

2. In the search bar on the top right; type “office”

3. Choose your version of Office

4. Click Change

5. Choose Repair (If it is Office 2013 or 365) then choose the full online repair option.

6. Wait for the repair to finish.

7. After the repair has finished; reboot your computer and re-activate Office if needed.



8 Krypton

Cancel out the screensaver--either added or windows 10 screensavers-- to see if the error goes away. Added screensavers are out of date and cause problems especially if you choose to show photos as a slide show.


Thank you so much friend I'm now able to run office app. Lots of love to you

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