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Upgrading OptiPlex 780 machines to Windows 10 from 7

I know that Dell does not support the upgrade of the OptiPlex 780 machines to Windows 10 but I work for a small non-profit and we are moving to online products that require Windows 10 and I have to make it work.  We have ten of these machines and was hoping that others have done this already and can tell me the pitfalls/fixes.... is there anything I should do first... Bio version? Chipset? etc. I have already upgrades a Latitude E6410 and there were a whole lot of steps to get it to work but there was a lot of info out there on Google to help.  Not so with the 780 machines.  I do know that I have to upgrade my version of Symantec.
My machines have Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz Q9400 processors and 4 GB Ram with 150 GB capacity.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Thank you for writing to us!

The support is not provide for the Optiplex 780 machines to windows 10 is because of various reasons.

1- System configuration

2- Compatibility issues

Moreover its not tested so we really wouldn't be able to tell you the issues that it may incur.



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Robin, with the 10s of thousands of 780 out there I am sure that I am not the only group that HAS to make this work.  Are you telling me that there is no way to make it work no matter what efforts I go to? I am hoping for some guidance from someone that has been successful and it was suggested that this would be a good forum to ask.

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The OptiPlex 780 was released in Late 2009. Most would have been sold in 2009-2011 and with 4 years warranty standard, pretty much all units have expired warranty. Dell therefore are extremely unlikely to allocate resources to testing this model.

However the OptiPlex 780 is a robust Intel machine. Pretty much all the system drivers will be inbuilt into Windows 10 TH2 for it.

Make sure all systems are on Legacy BIOS revision A15:

This system doesn't have UEFI and SecureBoot.

Then made a Dell Backup and Recovery 16 GB USB flash Drive (using the latest version):

Then you can proceed with the clean install (recommended) or upgrade install (not recommended):

When making a Bootable USB use the MBR partition scheme for legacy BIOS.

Some additional tutorial videos are here:

Others have reported successful installs:

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Hi all

I have a Dell 760 sff


Core 2 duo E7400

8GB DDR2 Ram

No video or graphics card I just use the onboard graphics whats more I use dual monitors 1 connected to vga the other to display port.

I have windows 10 pro 64 bit had it since day one when it first came out. Only had one issue the pci driver but I used windows 8.1 driver and never had any issues.

You can get the windows 7 graphics driver if you want it but the one Microsoft found is perfect I don't have any problems at all.

The dell 780 is more or less the same except it uses ddr3 ram think everything else is the same.

I did the upgrade first then I did a clean install. So it should work fine on the dell 780 I also installed windows 10 on a dell 960 and that worked fine too.

Hope this helps.



Dell are a waste of time when it comes to the older dell machines. Like one user said there are thousands of dell machines out there and eBay sell loads of older dell and much newer and even a 760 sff can cost over £100 second hand on eBay with just basic spec.

No body is going to spend money on a new pc unless that's what they really want when you can keep your old machine running. I have a acer laptop 5742 with a p6100 processor and 4gb ram and I put windows 10 on that and it works brill no missing drivers or anything.

Remember the OptiPlex gx240 think that was what it was called Ive seen them running windows 8.1 and 10 without any issues don't know about the drivers but they were working fine.

I always think if it will run vista and 7 it will run 8.1 and 10 so lets cut the crap and stop trying make us shell out on a new pc.



My company I work for have various laptops and desktop computers but most of them are Acer mainly sff and they all have windows 7 installed.

A local computer company just up the road from my company deal with all there IT needs and they told my boss that the acer machines would not run windows 10 and they would be better off having new machines. However the computer company did have some of the same acer sff instock and they did put windows 10 on them and by accident they replaced a acer sff with windows 7 which ran into problems with one of these machines.

The acer machines are acer veriton x2631g with core i3 some have core i5 they are nice little machines and very quick.

Now my boss has decided to have most of the acer sff upgraded to windows 10 and it has saved him a small fortune.



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Thank you for your help will try your suggested process!

Hi Philip,

I upgraded to Win 10 some years back but continue to have BSOD issues most likely due to a missing driver.

However, searching for the driver proves futile. I would be interested in your support or that of others in locating the missing driver. It's a PCI one but have no idea other than that.

Many thanks


Not sure why I cannot paste links in here, but this resolved the unknown PCI device.

Intel AMT SOL/LMS Driver
 or Google this and it should bring you there
Driver for Dell Optiplex 780 (Windows 10 Build 14955)
When driver is installed it shows as "Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL (COM3)
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