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XPS 17 (L702X) - please update new drivers for windows 8.1


I'm running Windows 8 enterprise, and I want to update to 8.1 enterprise, but I don't see DELL updating the new drivers for it. Please update as soon as possible.


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Hi cunninger,

Unfortunately Dell has not tested XPS L702X under windows 8.1 operating system. Hence, no drivers will be launched for the same. You may check this information in the below link:

However, you may download windows 8 drivers and install it in compatibility mode. To run a driver in compatibility mode you may follow the below steps:

(1)   Download the required windows 8 driver on the desktop.

(2)   Detect .exe file, right click on it and click on properties.

(3)   Click on compatibility tab.

(4)   Check “run this program in compatibility mode for” option.

(5)   Now select windows 8 from the drop down below.

(6)   Check if this helps.

If this doesn’t work for few components then you will have to contact the manufacturer of that component for windows 8.1 driver.

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Dell are slow to update their drivers in particular if the model is not currently being sold.

You are best to get Windows 8.1 drivers directly from Intel and NVidia:

Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

Intel HD 2000/3000 Graphics Driver

NVIDIA GeForce Driver

Intel PROSET Wireless Software 

Intel PROSet Wireless Bluetooth Software


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Im using this synaptics touchpad driver for my xps 17 l702x - 

ran the installer, but unticked the end page to install.

then went to device manager, opened the ps2 mouse, and update driver. select the bottom option, then untick and press have disk, browse to the extract directory, expand \Synaptics Touchpad Driver\Synaptics\\WinWDF\x64 and select the top inf file.

now i get multi touch gestures in windows 8.1 :)



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