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XPS 2710 downgrade to windows 8 but no product key

Hello All, 

Unfortunately I am one of the many that have gone through the black screen saga with the 2710. I did not realise the issue was win 10, so fater getting it up and running the first time it went black screen on me again. After following the cmos reset procedure and changing the jumpers around have managed to get it back up and running but it is on win 10, Bios i am on is A14.

Now to avoid it crashing again, I wanted to get windows 8 back on there. And was silly enough to think it would be straight forward.So I still have the original CD I got with the machine. popped it in and lo and behold it needs a product key, which they claim should be on the back of the PC, and although there is a number it doesnt work, the product key screen is asking for 25 digits, the back of my PC only shows 20. 

Any advice on what I can do? has anyone had success with anything else?

Many thanks


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Probably should have extracted the legit key it was running while still on Windows-10.

Skip it (or use generic key) ... at least you will know if it's gonna work before buying a real-key for it.

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its currently running windows 10, 

it doesnt give the option to skip.

where can i get a generic key plz?

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so just as an update I used the notepad option in this link:

How to recover your Windows product key - Microsoft Community

I managed to get a key, however i think it is the key for windows 10 as its not working on the windows 8 CD, so back to square 1. Is this something dell could possibly help with? is it possible they have a record of the product key somewhere?

Many thanks

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