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I am not sure if I should install SP2.  I checked for spyware with Adware and I get some scary looking things that say Alexa.  They look like they could be harmless but I won't delete them because I don't want to mess with the registry.  Any advice?
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It is Microsoft related, and will likely come back if you delete it . . see this for more.

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It's been on since XP came out.  Deleting it with ad-aware will not cause problems.  Major patches like service packs may reinstall it, but otherwise, it won't come back.  It's what provides that 'show related sites' buttom in internet explorer.
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Alexa is basically a search engine built into Internet Explorer when you have it's side bar open.
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We encountered a similar situation while working on a chatbot development project. The popups are actually required caches that are stored by alexa and its not harmful. I suggest you keep it as it is and continue with the project. As a chatbot development company, we have come across several such issues on multiple occasions but it has never hindered our development project. 

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