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Support assist os recover

Inspiron 15 3511

When i try to reset my laptop using dell support assist os recovery(because its the only thing i can access) i get this message saying "download verification was unsuccessful please restart the download process" i restarted the process multiple times and still get the message please help


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I'm having the same problem on a brand new XPS 15. I started the install process and had gotten through the initial Windows setup, but decided to restart the process. That's when I discovered that I could not reinstall the base OS and have unable to proceed. Dell Tech Support took a look but in the end got me to download a copy of the generic WIndows 11 OS. That installed also failed because the base Windows OS can't see the SSD drive. It seems to me that Dell needs to supply their OEM version of WIndows 11 in an ISO format that can then be used to boot from, or fix their own recovery procedure. It's been a frustrating day.

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Steps are given below-

Step 1
Turn on or restart the computer.
At the Dell logo, press the F12 several times to access the One Time Boot Menu. The available boot options are displayed in the menu.
Select SupportAssist OS Recovery, and then press Enter.

Step 2
The computer boots into the SupportAssist OS Recovery environment.
Select Reset or Restore System.
Main menu in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 3
SupportAssist OS Recovery loads and by default recommends the best recovery option that is based on your computer's status.

Reset to Factory Settings: This option restores the original factory-installed operating system and software that was shipped with the computer. The local recovery image is available only on consumer platforms such as Alienware, Inspiron, Vostro, and XPS products.

Reset and update: This option uses cloud restore. It downloads and installs the most recent operating system and requires an active Internet connection.

Select a reset option and click Next.
Reset options in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 4
The reset process in SupportAssist OS Recovery provides an option to backup your files.

To backup your data and personal files before resetting the computer, select Yes, back up my files, and then click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the data backup process.
If you do not want to back up your files, select No, do not back up my files, and click Next.
Data backup option during the reset process in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 5
If you choose not to perform a data backup, a warning message is displayed indicating that the reset process permanently deletes all data and personal files. Click YES, CONTINUE.
Data loss warning before resetting the computer in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 6
Select a reason from the drop-down list to let us know why you are resetting your computer.
Check the box to acknowledge that you understand that the reset process deletes all data and personal files.
Click Next.
Confirm the reset process in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 7
The recovery process begins, and a progress bar shows the different stages and the remaining time.

Progress of the reset process in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 8
After the recovery process is complete, a message will indicate that the reset was successful and you will be redirected to the recovery process guide screen.

Completion of the reset process in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 9
At the Recovery process guide screen, remove the USB drive (if the recovery process was started using a USB recovery media) and click Restart.
Recovery process guide screen in SupportAssist OS Recovery

Step 10
The computer reboots multiple times, and starts the Windows first-time setup procedure. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the first-time setup procedure.
After logging into Windows, the SupportAssist Recovery Assistant will be displayed to help you install the latest Windows and Dell updates. Also, it installs Dell factory-installed software and recovers the backup files if you created one using the SupportAssist OS Recovery backup feature.


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