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having problems with my dell data vault control device-

i have an inspiron 14 5420, and whenever i boot up support assistant, it says that the installation failed for the dell data vault control. everything else is saying that i need to uninstall it but if its having problems installing it in the first place why would i need to do that? i am so confused ;---;... its bluescreened twice now and ive only had this dell for 3ish weeks.. the last bluescreen (which was today..) said that it had a reference by pointer code... ive never had this happen before? help... and to think i want a degree in cyber security ;(  

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It is used to collect information on system health, performance and environment concerning applications designed by Dell. The DellDataVault.exe is used to run the Dell Data Vault program. This program is an essential one for Windows process and can be removed if you know that it gives rise to some problems.

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