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inter-tel 8602 no sound/voice out of building

Hello, I have an inter-tel 8602 soft phone installed on a dell lat d830 with SigmaTel audio. The softphone works in our building on our lan flawlessly, in it's docking station and out. However when it leaves the building it does not work at all. I have sound even the tones of the keys but once I pick up on the other end of the call there is no sound at all. I have reinstalled the softphone, the audio drivers, i thought it was a docking station issue until I disconnected the laptop from the station and it worked fine, in the building. I have disabled my windows firewall and antivirus, no change. I've read about possible port issues but I have other laptops with the 8602 that work fine in and out of the building. Even in my testing I have one laptop next to me that works fine and this one does not. This is getting crazy and any help would be appreciated.
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Hey, i have the same issue, Did u find out how to fix it?

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Check the audio ports for damage, and clean the ports.
Restart your Dell computer.
Check the connection (external speakers, headphones, or earphones)
Check volume settings and set the default playback device for low or no sound.
Run the Microsoft Sound Troubleshooter.



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