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Show window contents while dragging


I have Wyse 3040 with ThinOS 9.3.1129

I use RDP connection to my windows 7, everything is ok but when I drag window in windows I don't see window only frame and after placing it move. Right as function  Show window contents while dragging effect in windows is off, but it don't. I test it with rdp connection from my pc and it work fine content is shown when i drag window. 

I go through forum and advance  configuration in WMS but i don't found solution yet.

Please help.


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You need to enable the option "Show window contents while dragging" in Performance Options on both the RDS host and local PC:

Open the Start menu;
Right-click Computer (or "This PC") → Properties;
Click Advanced system settings;
Click Performance → Settings;
Enable "Show window contents while dragging" and press OK:


Yes I know where is this settings on Server but on host I have ThinOS 9.3.1129.

And when i close RDP session and run it again, setting change as before.


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