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ThinOS 9.3 RDP issues

I've got a Optiplex 3000 TC that we control in our environment by WMS. However, I can set up the connection but when I try to access it, all I get is "Server Denied Connection" with AVD at the top of the box. I'm not trying to use AVD but RDP as it's an on prem server I'm connecting too. I know the credentials, host, and domain are correct. Is there something I am missing? I have other TC's (this is the only 3000 TC we have, the rest are older TC's and AIO's) that connect just fine with no issues. 

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I am also facing the same problem, I am trying to connect to Windows server 2008, it says WVD generic protocol error. I tried to change the user and password, but I am not winning. 

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