Wyse & Windows 2009, XPe & CE

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Wyse V30LE update process


I have two working units for Wyse units here but the current state of them they will not connect to RDP to Windows 2012 R2 using Terminal services.  It gives me an error message about it can't authenticate user.  So I hoping that I can update these units for current firmware.  I know that these units are EOL and that is okay, just need to them to connect to my windows machine here. 

Here is what is running on the machines:

6.0 Wyse WFR4 Hotfix 1 (build 666)
BIOS: rev 1.19 / BL: 10.0
Windows CE 6.00

I have downloaded file from the Wyse site: 674Wye08_EUROPA.exe but the USB image tool I have will not install it.  Any suggestion what I need to do install this image to the Wyse unit?

Thank you,

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