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Thin client are getting black screen on the startup

All of the sudden, 5 thin clients of mine are getting black screen on the start up, how to let them to start up normal, is there a way we can do this from the device itself ?
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What model are they?

What operating system?


Hi Buffalobound
same problem on several TC. WYSE 5070 "B72GXN2". No signal on both DP connections. Screen is a Dell P2314Hc. 


Alonso.   On a 5070 (not clear which OS) I would definitely say get a support case open. 


Thank you

the OS is win10, but cant see bootscreen.


Absolutely not normal.  Get a support ticket open, and update us on the result.

Have you tried different cables and displays?



same thing here with Wyse Management Suite 1.3 on thin clients 3040 and 5070.

Thin OS

just presenting citrix storefront applications onto the desktop.   A user will open an app, do what they need to do, and "sometimes' the screen will go black and stay that way.    I can see the mouse pointer, it moves around fine, but the screen remains black.

Only fix i've found so far is to restart the thin client.

These units are less than a week old.


Firmware version?



Similar issue on 3040 thinOS 9.1.2.  DP port 1 is always black on startup. Powering monitor off/on fixes it.

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Same problem here, i need to turn on and off the client about 3-5 times to get it back working,


any fixes?

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