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Hard Reset of P25???

Hard Reset of P25???

I have a P25 that someone has messed with the display. It is turned 180 degrees and I can't change it back because I can't seem to click on the Apply or Ok button because the way it is turned.

Is there a way to hard reset this to factory default?

Any help would be great.


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Go to www.wyse.com/manuals and search document number 20735




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Visit our Dell Wyse Thin Client Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at www.wyse.com/KB
Visit our Dell Wyse PocketCloud Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at http://pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com/forums

Links don't work. Why don't you just say how to do the hard reset?


You are looking in a three-year old thread and the links since then have moved. Attached is the process.

OSD: Reset Settings
The Reset page lets you reset configuration and permissions to factory default values stored
in flash memory. You can access this page from the Options > Configuration > Reset menu.
Note: Resetting parameters to factory default values does not revert the firmware or clear
the custom OSD logo.


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I know this is an old post but is there a way to do if that reset is locked?  The password on the device no one in my department knows and was hoping there is a physical reset possibility to factory but have not found any documentation.


Hauser1983 - reference this link here from Teradici's website: https://communities.teradici.com/questions/9669/factory-reset-p25-tera2-firmware-42-w-password-unk.h... You may have to reach out to Dell support to walk through password reset.
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