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XPS 8500, no signal detected on monitor

Please help! My monitor is working and connected to desktop XPS 8500. It says that it does not detect signal and turns off. I know it is an old desktop and it's been working ok till now. I don't want to spend much on it, I just want to make it work. Any advice please? I am thinking graphic card needs to be replaced? Or something with CR2032 battery. I am at lost. I appreciate any suggestions.

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If you are not sure if the video card is the problem, pull the GPU and connect the monitor to the Integrated video port. Then boot and see if you get a video signal. The CMOS battery is not likely a problem unless you have had problems with time and date needing to be reset. But based on the age of your system I would replace the CMOS battery just  to confirm that the battery in the system is new and not a problem.

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no potential fix is less expensive than the CR2032 battery

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Have you checked the cable connections at the monitor and at the PC?

Can you test this monitor on a different PC or a different monitor on this PC?


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it is too quick to point to video card as suspect when XPS 8500 does not POST.  statistically more often it is motherboard or psu.

what is color of power button led? Solid white is good. Amber not good.

have you done a bist test of psu?  if not do it to test the psu.  if psu is good, to r/o cmos issue, start w replacing cmos battery w a brand new battery then clear cmos settings via motherboard RTCRST  jumper.

if still no video, remove all memory sticks.  does pc beep when powered on?  beep and beep are good. no beep at all not good.

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Had same issue with my XPX 8920. Open it, removed the battery, as sugested by some, pushed power bottom and hold for 20 scnds. Of course make sure you disconnect all external  cables from the tower, and grounded yourself by tapping on the power supply  case to discharge any electricity from you. Place battery back  in  showing it's identifications ( + ) facing up. Than unplug cable that supply  power to the monitor. Conect power cable to the tower and monitor, than all other communications cables, keyboard, mouse, etc. Power PC On, let it cycle in and out, my took about 5 minutes, and all came  back to normal. You can try just disconnecting the monitor power, and reconect it, but make sure the Tower is off during this process.. If doesn't  work do the battery. Good luck. 

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