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XPS 8940, Better 3rd party cooler

Hello there

I would greatly appreciate any help to find a new/better 3rd party cooler for my XPS 8940. It came with the thin and small stock cooler and is overheating the whole time. I got a i9-10900 processor with 128 GB of RAM and I need this computer to generate some GIS layers. These jobs take 2-4 hrs every time and I can see that the processor is throttling or C° 97+ all the time.

I tried the Noctua 15S but the problem is there is no space for the bracket under the motherboard. The stock fan screws directly into the chassis from above.

Thank you very much

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@Azuri wrote  "I followed the advice of getting 4 quantity of m3 x 18mm screws and washers, but my local Home Depot didn't have that exact size. I then checked the equivalent for the nominal size, it's of size #4 - 3/4."

Ouch!!!  I'd never replace a metric fastener with an imperial one in a situation like this.  Your #4 is slightly thinner, but the thread form is completely different at 40TPI compared with 0.5mm pitch for the M3.  There are a few sizes that are nearly interchangeable, but this is not one of them.

@Azuri , I agree with @Jon-62 ... yes, the diameter is only different by about .006, but the pitch difference between those 2 sizes is a little over .005" which compounds with each thread. So in 1" length of thread, there are 40 peaks in the #4-40, but in the M3*0.5 there are close to 51 peaks. Granted you aren't using 1 full inch of thread, there is still a good chance it will bind up. And depending on the material of the screw, it may damage the thread in the case. Also , the thread design - not only pitch, but the major and minor diameter may be different. I didn't look that far in the details. So if you haven't done it yet, I wouldn't. And I'd make another effort to get a M3x0.5 thread screw or set screw.  

4-40 .112 dia

M3 - .118 dia


EDIT: I guess I didn't look at the original post. I see that did do it already.

Ah yes that is bad indeed. My inexperience with screws got me. I guess what's done is done and cooler securely installed, but I do understand the yikes there. Thanks for the screw comparison. This will be good info for ppl who stumble into this post in the future so that they don't damage their computer case.

@Azuri - Thanks.  Good luck with your upgraded computer !!

The original Dell studs are not compatible with any of Noctua models. The threads are narrower and you cannot use the bolts designed for the LGA22XX coming in the kit. The same studs don't allow to use the X bracket coming with your Noctua.

You need to cut the studs

I am also trying to install the NH-D9L in my new XPS 8940 with LGA1200 processor.  It is correct that this model does not have studs for the CPU cooler, just threaded spacers flush with the motherboard.  These are M3 (apparently), so I am going to purchase some M3x20mm screws the go through the mounting bars and black spacers.  It looks like this will work.


I used m3 x 16mm and they worked perfectly. Other than that, it fit with no problem using the supplied brackets and the black spacers with the NH-D9L

@txhillcountry I used M3 x 20mm screws and they worked perfect!

Anything longer than 20mm I can't speak to whether they bottom out in the case mounts.

@txhillcountry - I have installed the NH-U9S using m3x25 set screws (grub screws) ,,, I think it would work for the NH-D9L also. This way you can still maintain the design intent and appearance of the Noctua mounting by still using the included thumbscrews. Here's a link to my post regarding this if you are interested.


No Noctua is compatible with the LGA1200 of our Xps8940. There is a fixed 4 nut bracket fixed from behind the motherboard that is flush. This avoid the use of the noctua X bracket

The nuts thread is to narrow to use the bolts provided for the LGA22XX

The only solución to use a noctua is to cut the 4 nuts fixed to the Dell case

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