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XPS 8940, recording will not recognize Universal Audio Interface


I recently purchased this XPS 8940 tower for recording. I was online with a Dell rep and told him that I needed a Thunderbolt port to hook all of my interfaces up. He informed me that there was indeed Thunderbolt on this particular tower. 

Now that I have read through this forum some It is looking like this particular model does NOT have Thunderbolt and, it also looks like there's no way to add it.

I just wanted to confirm that this was actually the case before I tried to find another device. 


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I actually confirmed with Dell support this does NOT have Thunderbolt...


@bryan3375 wrote:

I actually confirmed with Dell support this does NOT have Thunderbolt...

Correct, only USB-C.

And since the XPS-8940 has no dedicated Thunderbolt connector on the motherboard, I really doubt you will be getting a PCIe Addin card to work in that computer.

If you feel like hacking, you can try:


Most Apple computers (desktops and laptops) have working Thunderbolt ports. As for Dell's, you might want to check the Precision workstations. 

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Apologies for the agent making that mistake. We can see from the online XPS 8940 Setup and Specifications PDF pictures and descriptions that there is not a Thunderbolt port. We can see on the front that port #9 is USB-C/USB 3.1. The motherboard does have a PCIe x1 slot and PCIe x4 slot that could accept an add in Thunderbolt card.



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Thanks for the replies...

Chris, I spoke with Dell earlier today and they are going to send out a Thunderbolt PCI card...There is a  post above yours from Tesla1856. Who is saying I won't be able to get a PCI card to work with that motherboard.
I don't want my system to be patched together so I was just wondering if you knew why that was Tesla's thoughts on it?

Thank you!

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