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XPS 8940, upgrades, RTX 3060, PSU


CPU: i7-11700

GPU: 1660 ti


375w PSU.

I would like to know if anyone can tell me what parts can be upgraded? A stock dell 500w PSU was the biggest I could find that would fit. Also does anyone know if it would be able to run a 3060 GPU (with the 500w)? I've already upgraded the CPU cooler to that silver one.

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yes you can run 3060 with Dell 500w psu.

in fact if you do not run benchmark, the Dell 375w is already good enough for 3060 to meet the load wattage need based on basic online psu calculator of your config:

Load Wattage:341 W
Recommended PSU Wattage:391 W

gpu upgrade seems to be best bang for $ for your current config.


Thank you for the reply. I should have stated this a dell xps there's litttle room inside. I believe there's only 1 stock dell 500w psu that fits(and has to be special ordered via dell). I wasn't sure if the 3060 would fit in the case. Or if the H470 motherboard is compatible. I been researching hard to find the answer. 

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There is a big range of different RTX 3060 graphics cards . . . some will fit, some will not. You need to reference a specific graphics card model. The motherboard is compatible.


I'm not sure. I wanted to know if Dell or anyone who bought mine and upgraded could tell me which 3060 models would fit. Dell offered a 500w psu but almost 200$.


The nVidia RTX 3060 or 3060Ti Founders Edition are some of the shortest models at 242mm long. You will need to open your case and measure the length and width available for graphics card installation.


I measured just under 28cm available for GPU card length in my XPS 8940.

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