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XPS 8950, BIOS update, super loud fan noise

Loved my Dell XPS 8950 so far until Dell pushed a BIOS update today (Feb 2, 2023). After which the fan noise became so loud that the computer is pretty much unusable to me. I will have to disconnect the fan, but there should be a better solution. Doesn't Dell test its BIOS releases before updating?

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What BIOS were you running prior to the update?
What BIOS is now installed? The XPS 8950 drivers page shows the latest as 1.10.0.

Do not disconnect any fans. For testing, while the XPS 8950 is running, remove the left side cover, page 15. Can you identify which of the fans is now louder?

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Thank you for getting back on this, Chris. Fortunately, disconnecting the power for 20 min solved the problem. Simple rebooting however was definitely not enough. In fact, I started smelling burnt insulation, and I couldn't even tough the fan, it was way too hot -- there was definitely a wrong voltage being sent to the fan upon update. The BIOS is indeed 1.10.0. The fan is the back fan (not the CPU fan or the front panel fan)


I have been running BIOS 1.10 since it was released on January 10th 2023 and have had no issues. I installed it via USB thumb drive. 

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