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9510 and 9520 speaker distortion and rattling

The 9500 is known to have a problem with the speakers sounding distorted and rattly, especially in the low-mid frequencies.

See here: https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/XPS-15-9500-speakers-distorted-crackling-audio/td-p/7759332

To my knowledge, Dell never offered a solution for owners of the 9500. My question is...did Dell address this specific issue in the 9510 or 9520 via a redesign of the physical speakers? 

Apparently it was confirmed to be a hardware issue even though Dell recommends reinstalling drivers for a fix. I really like everything about the XPS 15 but will ultimately look elsewhere if these speaker problems are still present. Thanks!

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If you check the reviews from most tech websites, beside being expensive, the other negative for both models is the mediocre webcam.  Quality of laptop speakers in general are just meh.  To enjoy audiophile and immerse yourself in music, you must have a nice pair of headphones.

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Thanks but this issue goes beyond the common shortcomings of laptop speakers. The 9500 speakers have a functional defect that causes distortion and rattling, even at medium volumes. Again, I'm trying to determine if this issue was fixed in the later revisions.  


I was fortunate not having any audio issue with 9570 and 9575 2in1.  Looking at accepted solution list, I found this most recent solved audio thread but OP did not mention about distortion or rattling audio, just about loudness level.  So it could be that the new models don't suffer with those issues.

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I had this issue with my Latitude 9520, but they both have up-firing speakers and the same rattling issue so it may fix it for you. I narrowed it down to one speaker buzzing against the bottom of the case. Putting a thin piece of foam, just enough to have a barrier between the speaker and the lid, did the trick for me. Seems like the pre-installed foam dampener just wasn't thick enough to prevent contact. Hopefully they fixed that in later revisions. Again, your results may vary. 

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